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Live Appearances for 2023


Santa Cruz, CA June 16, 2023

Lost Boy Returns Home

I don't know what's taken me so long, but I decided to go up and see my old friend Joe, the owner of Atlantis Fantasy World, the comic bookstore where the Frog Brothers made our first appearance back in Lost Boys 1987. Still the awesome guy I remember, friendly, funny. The store is not in the same spot due to a devastating earthquake in the early 90s. But it still that same place! I felt it when I walked in. It was amazing being back in Santa Cruz. Like an old friend I hung out with a bunch one summer in the 80s.

Joe and I thought it would be a blast to have a Frog Brother at the comic bookstore for the afternoon before the showing of Lost Boys screening on the Boardwalk. Stop by Atlantis Fantasy World June 16, 2023 to talk Lost Boys, 80s, Santa Cruz and pick up an autographed picture or other cool item.  

Jamison Newlander in Santa Cruz, CA reminiscing about the Carousel scene in 1987 film Lost Boys.
One of the two bridges that MIGHT have been THE bridge that Jason Patric, Kiefer Sutherland, Alex Winter, Brook McCarter and Billy Wirth hung from in Lost Boys. This one isn't so high, but still too high for me to reach.
The Giant Dipper rollercoaster on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk, where Lost Boys was filmed.
Jamison Newlander, who played Alan Frog, one of the Frog Brothers in the 1980s cult classic film Lost Boys, returning to the boardwalk 30+ years later.
Two old friends. I met Joe Ferrera at his comic bookstore on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk during the filming of Lost Boys in 1986. After all these years, I went up to have lunch with Joe near Atlantis Fantasy World, the new location of the comic bookstore.
Lost Boys was filmed in Santa Cruz in the 1980s, and now every year they show it on the Santa Cruz Boardwalk. Here I am in front of the poster advertising it this year 2023.

Monster-Mania October 13-15, 2023

Monstermania 2023 Jamison.JPG
Monstermania 2023 Feldman.JPG


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