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Website Express

When I was building this site, I knew I had to get SOMEthing up on the web to be taken seriously. But I didn’t have time!! 

I tried to pay someone to take care of it. But I dropped a couple grand and it really wasn’t what I wanted in the end. 

I realized I could do it myself. There are so many great tools that come for free when you build your website on one of the big sites. It's not that hard to figure out. 

You too can have a site you love. Now that I've been through this odd little annoying experience of trying to get my website off the ground. Plus, i have 20 years experience as a marketing and advertising writer, I can offer just enough guidance at a reasonable price for a moderate-level website. PLUS you'll get a crash course in the tools you need to build it out more.

Get-ready-for-spring discount!

For $1200 $900 

  • A good version of your site ready to publish

  • Design/writing/marketing/brand strategy 

  • Crash course in Wix so you can expand
    and manage it yourself

For $100/month Regular updates

Monthly updates you don't want to be bothered with, ongoing improvement, copy writing support, adding up to about an hour. 

For $150/hour More of any of these 

By-the-hour support includes the above services PLUS if you want more in-depth copy writing and strategy support. 

Get in touch

*Does not include additional costs for Wix membership and/or domain and management fees. 

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